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> On Monday 22 June 2009 16:37:41 BGB wrote:
>> as for what targets support which operations, in the case of SSE, go 
>> check
>> the Intel and AMD64 docs.
> I was assuming that LLVM's implementations were incomplete. Are they now
> complete? So anything that a CPU can do and LLVM has bindings for is
> implemented?

I don't know as much about LLVM specifically, someone else can probably 
provide a better answer...

but, if you are meaning for things like dot product intrinsics, it is worth 
noting that these are not part of SSE or SSE2.

actually, dot product was added for SSE4.1, so it is only likely to be found 
in Intel CPUs starting from late 2008 / early 2009...

as such, I would not advise depending on it just yet...

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