[LLVMdev] Some understanding of LLVM vs gCC vs Intel C++ Compilers

me22 me22.ca at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 23:32:21 PDT 2009

2009/6/14 Jason Todd Slack-Moehrle <mailinglists at mailnewsrss.com>:
> Can you provide advice on why Intel C++ compilers vs LLVM-GCC vs just
> normal GCC? Like benefits to one over the others? Pros and Cons, etc,
> etc...

My (possibly faultly) understanding is that intel's has good support
for numerics, presumably through auto-vectorization and such, but only
works for intel's architectures and is only excellent on intel chips.
llvm-gcc is a temporary thing until clang can compile llvm.  GCC is
for when you don't want to use the llvm infrastructure, and just want
something easy to grab from the package manager.

In general, anyways.
~ Scott

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