[LLVMdev] LLVM MinGW binaries on Vista issue

Jim Grosbach grosbach at apple.com
Wed Dec 16 15:08:16 PST 2009

Hi Jon,

> Attached is my draft patch from svn diff.  GVIM tells me it's in  
> *nix mode, but double check and let me know if any of the text needs  
> to be changed.  I focused just on the binary install of MinGW32/x86  
> for the front end by integrating the *nix and Windows data.  As I  
> get more experience with the MinGW32 LLVM binaries I may submit  
> future doco patches.

Thanks again for having a look at this. Definitely worthwhile  
additions and should help other new users on Windows more easily get  
up and running. The patch applied cleanly for me on OSX, so whatever  
process you used works fine.

Below are a few comments. Apologies in advance for the nit-picky  
nature of some of them.

>        <li>Note: If the binary extension is ".bz" use bunzip2  
> instead of gunzip.</li>
> +	  <li>Note: Windows users should use <a href="http://www.7- 
> zip.org">7-Zip</a> or similar</li>
> +	  <li>Note: Windows users see <a href="#installcf">Install GCC  
> Front End</a> for more info</li>
>        <li>Add llvm-gcc's "bin" directory to your PATH variable.</li>

For parallel structure here, please use active voice. For example, "On  
windows, use ..." Also nit-picky, but add a period at the end of the  
sentence. The cross-reference to "Install the GCC Front End" is  
missing "the" in the title. It probably is worth making this a  
hyperlink in the original #4 bullet point rather than a separate note  
since it applies to all, not just Windows users.

> -<p>To install the GCC front end, do the following:</p>
> +<p>To install the GCC front end, do the following (for Windows  
> users you'll want to use an
> +archive tool like <a href="http://www.7-zip.org">7-zip</a> that can  
> handle gzipped tars):</p>

Instead of "for Windows users you'll want to", perhaps something like,  
"on Windows, use".

> +<p>As a convenience for Windows users, the front end binaries for  
> MinGW/x86 include
> +versions of both the w32api and mingw-runtime binaries required for  
> proper operation.
> +However, the binary binutils package from <a href="http:// 
> mingw.org/">MinGW</a> is
> +required in order to have a fully functioning binary LLVM GCC front  
> end installation.  While
> +not quite the same as a fully manual MinGW installation, it should  
> be quite similar to those
> +who have used MinGW on Windows systems.</p>
> +
> +<p>Windows users need to do the following in order to complete the  
> front end installation:</p>
> +

Since the necessity of obtaining the binutils is referenced in the  
above paragraph, this can probably be simplified to something like,  
"To install binutils on Windows:".

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