[LLVMdev] How to check for "SPARC code generation" in MachineBasicBlock.cpp?

Juergen Zimmermann - Sun Microsystems - Walldorf Germany Juergen.Zimmermann at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 10 00:00:44 PST 2009

I'm almost finished to get a complete and seemingly working build of
LLVM-GCC (trunk) for SPARC (32-bit only, for now).

The only remaining problem is the code generation for one single
file (namely cp-demangle.c) where some labels are not put into
the assembler/object file due to some (until now) unknown
inconsistencies with 'isOnlyReachableByFallthrough' and
(most likely) the SPARC code generator.

For now, I'm looking for a way to determine within that function
if LLVM is supposed to generate code for SPARC and then
implement the logic that's needed.

Any 'quick' suggestions?


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