[LLVMdev] Rebuilding LLVM libraries with LLVM-GCC on Windows

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Wed Dec 9 20:02:10 PST 2009

"Michael Ness" <mike at liquido2.com> writes:

> I decided to forget 2.5 and move on to 2.6 which built fine with CMake. 
> However, I continue to have problems with llvm-config when using the 
> following command:
> $ llvm-g++ out.s -o out `llvm-config --ldflags --libs core support system 
> x86`
> I consistently get undefined reference errors that are from libraries that 
> should've been linked already.  The errors change depending on the order of 
> the components.  There is obviously dependency issues--references to libs 
> that have already been linked.  How do I resolve these dependency problems?

What's the output of

llvm-config --libs x86


Take a look at the $LLVM_BUILD_ROOT/bin/llvm-deps script and see if the
library dependencies listed at the end looks normal, i.e. every library
depends on other libraries, with Support and System on almost every
dependency list.

> Also, I'm unable to use "llvm-config --libs all" because I receive the 
> error: "llvm-config: unknown component name: pic16codegen" 
>  llvm-config --components doesn't list pic16codegen, so I'm confused why 
> it's included with --libs all.

Maybe there is a bug on the generation of library dependencies. This may
due to a faulty binutils or perl. Maybe there is a problem with the name
of some components too, they changed names on the last months.

What command line options do you pass to cmake? (variables, switches,


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