[LLVMdev] Compilation problem with JIT/Interpreter

Jerome GORIN Jerome.Gorin at it-sudparis.eu
Mon Dec 7 15:44:01 PST 2009


I'm yet working on the LLVM ExecutionEngine portability (2.6 release
version) and I get two different problems depending on the platform. The
first problem concerns compilation on MacOs X (10.5.5) with an X86
processor, when trying to compile my own project containing the
ExecutionEngine class and the linker class. I get links problem
with "_ffi_type_sint16", "_ffi_type_sint32", "ffiInvoke" etc.. (The link
problems are enclosed to this message) with Unix MakeFile or XCode project
generated by CMake (llvm compilation options are get with llvm-config inside
CMake). This project has been successfully tested on Linux and windows
platforms with the same computer. So my first question is :
Is there additionnals information to provide to the linker when compiling
llvm on mac os x?

The second question concerns Yellow Dog Distribution(6.2) on CellSPU
processor. Does lli support JIT compilation on CELL? For the moment, it
seems to only work with the interpreter (-force-interpreter option).

Many thanks
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