[LLVMdev] Rework of Vector/Scalar Classification

David Greene dag at cray.com
Mon Dec 7 11:47:21 PST 2009

On Friday 04 December 2009 16:44, David Greene wrote:
> Here's a reworked patch to mark instructions and operands as vector or
> scalar. It uses TableGen to infer the flags from types, allowing the user
> to override with a "let isVector = 0" clause.
> I decided to forego classifying MachineMemOperands for now in the interests
> of getting this piece in.  I still think we should add type information to
> MachineMemOperands.  Why throw away perfectly good information we have at
> the time they're created?
> Obviously I will submit the patch in pieces but I wanted to show what the
> overall result will be.
> Please review.  Thanks!



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