[LLVMdev] lli and runtime error

Pushkar Ratnalikar pratnali at umail.iu.edu
Sat Apr 25 19:12:05 PDT 2009

Thanks a lot Samuel. I wanted to test the performance of the  
Interpreter by running some BLAS routines.


On Apr 25, 2009, at 5:28 PM, Samuel Crow wrote:

> Hello Pushkar,
>> I get the error Could not resolve external global address:  
>> __dso_handle
> Based on what I've read on the mailing list in the past, that's  
> because the interpreter doesn't support non-bitcode external  
> addresses such as the function calls used to do input and output of  
> data.  As such the interpreter is quite useless in its current state.
> If you use JIT compilation it will work because the JIT compiler  
> does support external references such as printf or whatever other  
> command you're trying to use to access the operating system you are  
> running on.
> I wish I had better news for you.
> --Sam
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