[LLVMdev] Porting LLVM backend is no fun yet

Greg McGary greg at mcgary.org
Mon Apr 13 13:15:34 PDT 2009

Dan Gohman wrote:
> There certainly are wishlist items for TableGen and TableGen-based
> instruction descriptions, though I don't know of an official list.   
> Offhand, a few things that come to mind are the ability to handle nodes with
> multiple results, something analogous to GCC's multi-alternative
> constraints, the ability to generate more of the Legalize tables
> automatically, and the ability to generate more of the TargetInstrInfo
> hooks automatically.  There's no plan for things like this at the
> moment though; they will get done only when someone steps up
> and implements them.

Hi Dan,

Please pass along any other whishlist items you find.  I'll dig through 
the llvmdev archives and see what I can find.  I'm willing to lend a 
hand and make some design proposals as things become more clear for me.  
One thing I could use is nested multiclasses--the ability to call defm 
within a multiclass.


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