[LLVMdev] GSoC 2009: Auto-vectorization

Pertti Kellomäki pertti.kellomaki at tut.fi
Wed Apr 1 03:26:11 PDT 2009

Chris Lattner wrote:
> Depending on how ambitious you are, you
> could also do a GSoC project just around a) building dependence  
> analysis interface + some *non*-trivial implementations, and b) build  
> some dep analysis clients around it (e.g. loop interchange, etc).   
> This may be a less risky and higher impact project in the short term,  
> if you are interested in it.

This would be in great demand independent of the auto-vectorization.

Given that the amount of work is fixed, I would rather see all
the work go into a brilliant dependence analysis rather than an ok
dependence analysis and an ok vectorization. I encourage you to
consider it, Andreas.

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