[LLVMdev] Genlibdeps.pl, CMake and MSYS

Kenneth Boyd zaimoni at zaimoni.com
Sat Oct 11 15:27:13 PDT 2008

Óscar Fuentes wrote:
> Kenneth Boyd <zaimoni at zaimoni.com> writes:
> [snip]
>> My internal priority for that CMake patch is low, as I need only minimal 
>> patching to use the autoconf-generated configure script to build LLVM.  
>> Right now it's just llvm.config.in.in that needs patching (the failsafed 
>> GenLibDeps.pl script went in recently); I'll float a proper RFC on 
>> llvm-commit when I actually schedule time to do a non-hackish patch.
> I'm seeing a failure related to circular library references while
> building LLVM with CMake and MSYS. This didn't happen on the
> past. Building with the configure script works, so it seems something
> related to CMake. Do you have any insight on this?
I'll get back on this tonight or tomorrow.
* Am I correct in thinking that the CMake process doesn't reference 
* I am seeing desynchronization between the configure-generated 
Makefiles and the CMakeFile.txt files.  [e.g., llc; makefile doesn't 
have asmprinter, CMakeFile.txt does].  That much I should be able to 
construct a patch for "blind", if no-one gets to it first.


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