[LLVMdev] Genlibdeps.pl, CMake and MSYS

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sat Oct 11 13:26:32 PDT 2008

Kenneth Boyd <zaimoni at zaimoni.com> writes:


>> That does not really surprise me about CMake, but then mingw is not a
>> primary compiler on Windows, more so is VC++ or Intel, either way a
>> bug should be submitted to the CMake devs.
> I do not want to troll the CMake devteam, so I will not submit the bug 
> report without a full-blown patch.

The CMake devteam is very responsive about bug reports. They will
certainly appreciate your bug report, no patch required.

> My internal priority for that CMake patch is low, as I need only minimal 
> patching to use the autoconf-generated configure script to build LLVM.  
> Right now it's just llvm.config.in.in that needs patching (the failsafed 
> GenLibDeps.pl script went in recently); I'll float a proper RFC on 
> llvm-commit when I actually schedule time to do a non-hackish patch.

I'm seeing a failure related to circular library references while
building LLVM with CMake and MSYS. This didn't happen on the
past. Building with the configure script works, so it seems something
related to CMake. Do you have any insight on this?


>>   I thought you could
>> override things like that with some command line parameters anyway.
>> You cannot force it to output mingw files directly?
> Correct.  I know which project type will give the correct file paths 
> (MSYS), but since I have sh both CMake 2.6.1 and CMake 2.6.2 
> categorically refuse to generate the MSYS CMakefile; even the 
> command-line parameter approach fails.

Apart from the circular library references mentioned above, CMake works
fine with MSYS for me (well, the generated makefiles doesn't work with
parallel make (-j x) but that's another issue).



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