[LLVMdev] cross compiling using llvm 1.8

Aviv Peretz aviv.peretz at mobileye.com
Tue Nov 4 02:20:26 PST 2008

Thanks, it helped :-)

I'm now building the sources and apparently my mingw installation does 
not support pthread and therefore examples/ParallelJIT.cpp fails:

make[2]: Entering directory 
llvm[2]: Compiling ParallelJIT.cpp for Debug build
c:/llvm1.8/llvm/examples/ParallelJIT/ParallelJIT.cpp:20:21: pthread.h: 
No such file or directory
c:/llvm1.8/llvm/examples/ParallelJIT/ParallelJIT.cpp:212: error: 
`pthread_cond_t ' does not name a type

../../llvm/configure --prefix=/c/llvm1.8/generated-llvm/install/ 
--enable-debug-runtime --enable-jit

Is there an elegant way to skip building the examples (e.g. via a 
specific flag of cofigure) or the only way to overcome this is to insert 
#if 0 in the actual code?

Kenneth Boyd wrote:

> Aviv Peretz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I finally gave up building on Linux, in the meantime, and tried to 
>> build this version straight on Windows, using mingw32.
>> ....
>> appending configuration tag CXX to mklib
>> appending configuration tag F77 to mklib
>> checking for llvm-gcc.exe... /c/llvm1.8-mingw32/bin/llvm-gcc.exe
>> checking for llvm-g++.exe... /c/llvm1.8-mingw32/bin/llvm-g++.exe
>> *checking tool compatibility... configure: error: g++|icc required but 
>> not found*
>> I searched the file system and couldn't find a file called g++.exe - 
>> only gcc.exe (which is located under mingw/bin) and llvm-g++.exe 
>> (which is located under llvm1.8-frontend/bin).
>> What seems to be the problem and how can I solve it?
> You only have C (provided by gcc) installed.  You need to unpack the C++ 
> tarball (which provides g++) in the parent directory (the one above bin 
> with gcc, include, and lib).  The C++ tarball should be the same release 
> number as the gcc already installed.
> Kenneth
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