[LLVMdev] Python bindings?

Mahadevan R mdevan.foobar at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 00:00:58 PDT 2008

>  Note that C bindings have been introduced since 2005, so there may be
>  a different route available than was taken then. Look in include/llvm-
>  c. The intent of the C bindings is to enable high-level language
>  bindings. The current focus is on enabling front-end compilers. Ocaml
>  and Haskell bindings have been developed atop them, the former being
>  in the LLVM source tree.

Are the C bindings complete? That is, is there some part of the C++ API
that is not exposed by the C API?

Do the Ocaml/Haskell bindings follow that language's naming conventions?
Or LLVM's? For e.g., in Python method names are usually like_this. So
which of these are preferred:






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