[LLVMdev] Potential breakage in llvm-gcc's ./configure

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Mon Mar 24 12:06:32 PDT 2008

> This is close to a showstopper for integrating an llvm-gcc bootstrap
> into the nightly tester. The llvm-gcc ./configure needs to be called
> very differently from the llvm ./configure, and keeping two sets of
> options is Not Worth The Trouble, at least IMHO.

So you didn't like the suggestion of having the configure for llvm-gcc set 
via an environment variable? That avoids having to deal with this directly 
in the script. Or am I missing something?


> Regards,
> Jo
> P.S.: Don't worry, I'll use LLVM for my projects even if I don't manage
> to bootstrap it or run the nightly tester :-D
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