[LLVMdev] Proposal for a Google summer of code project for the Java frontend.

Nicolas Geoffray nicolas.geoffray at lip6.fr
Tue Mar 18 04:17:09 PDT 2008

Ramón García wrote:
> Based on my experience this last one (the generation of shared
> libraries) is the most important performance wise, and the one that
> would make a difference from a performance point of view.

That's more or less true: generating shared libraries will improve 
startup time, not steady-state time. It will decrease steady-state 
performance (both for Java and CLI) because the VMs ensure a class will 
be fully initialized before its use. Therefore, while the JIT will have 
runtime knowledge of a class being fully initialized or not, a static 
compiler will have to be conservative and insert intialization checks on 
most uses of a class.

What you can do to tackle this issue is to generate different native 
code statically and let the VM choose which native code it has to 
execute (depending on which classes were already initialized).

> I would like to prepare a proposal as soon as posible. Could I have a
> look at your code privately, even if there are licensing issues
> pending? I understand that this issues are just temporary, and will in
> no way block the publication of the code at a certain time.

Do you really need the code for the proposal? Legally, I don't have the 
right (yet) to send it to you. Let's see how things go this week and 
hope that at the end of the week I'll be able to checkin the code.


> Best regards,
> Ramon
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