[LLVMdev] NewNightlyTester.pl: split into phases?

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Sat Mar 8 14:02:43 PST 2008

On Mar 8, 2008, at 10:57 AM, Joachim Durchholz wrote:

> Hi all,
> when looking at NewNightlyTester.pl, I see it has several distinct
> phases:
> 1. Get a current tree
> 2. ./configure
> 3. Build
> 4. Run a selection of tests
> 7. Send test results to web site
> 8. Clean up
> Wouldn't it make sense to allow each phase to be activated  
> individually?
> Or possibly a subset of phases, something along the lines of
>  -from-phase=test -to-phase=report
> With that, I could do all kinds of nifty things, such as checking out
> once and running the test site for i386 and amd64; or testing compiler
> options without having to re-download the source tree; or avoiding
> sending irrelevant test results because the test suite isn't properly
> installed yet.
> Does that make sense? Problems?
> I'd be willing to implement this if something like that is welcomed.

Its been on my todo for awhile, but this is what I would like to see.
- ability to run the nightly tester from a tree thats already checked  
out and updated. I think right now it forces you to always check out a  
new tree and if you don't it reports a build error.
- ability to check out llvm-gcc or update llvm-gcc and build it before  
running tests. In addition to using a prebuilt binary.

If you fix the two things above then you should be able to just rerun  
the script multiple times for different targets like you want. It will  
also solve problems many others have experienced.

A -noreport option is probably a good idea too.

Just be sure not to change what it sends to the website. That needs to  
stay the same.


> Regards,
> Jo
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