[LLVMdev] PowerPC instruction cache invalidation

Marcel Moolenaar xcllnt at mac.com
Tue Jun 17 09:50:23 PDT 2008

On Jun 17, 2008, at 2:34 AM, Gary Benson wrote:

>>> The attached patch adds support for GNU platforms, but I can't
>>> figure out a nice way to call it for all generated code.  Can
>>> anyone help?
>> Can you elaborate on what the problem is?
> The attached patch generalizes it (aKor helped me out).  I don't know
> if Intel needs some kind of cache invalidation too but if it does it
> could use the same hooks.

Itanium definitely needs it. I'm having, what looks like, I-cache
related problems on my Montecito-based mnachine. The McKinley and
Madison processors don't need it.

I don't know yet if my case relates to yours, because it's tblgen
that's dumping core (?). It could also be a FreeBSD bug...


Marcel Moolenaar
xcllnt at mac.com

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