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Thank you for your answers and suggestions!
Well, I want to do some experiments about the compiler optimization in llvm under SPM and I need performance evaluation. As I know, alpha is a general-purpose CPU, so I consider that arm may be an alternative. Simplesim-arm is able to do performance simulation while m5-arm is still under development. Then, what should I do? Do the experiment under m5-alpha or use simplesim-arm? And if I choose to use m5-alpha, can I use llvm as the compiler for this simulator?



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On Sunday 15 June 2008 22:30, Andrew Lenharth wrote:
> It use to.  alphasim (the validated alpha model based on simplescalar)
> is better though.  Also, since no one has needed to run simplescalar
> experiments, the alpha backend has bitrotted some.  The last version
> that I know worked with most of spec was llvm 1.8 or so.  You need to
> get or write an elf64 loader and fix a couple instruction
> implementations in simplescalar to get it to run linux binaries (I
> have both somewhere).

IMNSHO, don't use SimpleScalar.  It's simulation model is WAY ourt of date.

Use M5 instead:


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