[LLVMdev] Code compaction passes?

Robert Zeh robert.a.zeh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 18:29:34 PST 2008

I'm inlining a bunch of C++ code, and I'm ending up with a bunch of  
basic blocks like this:

filter441.i:		; preds = %unwind432.i
	call void @_ZSt9terminatev( )

filter453.i:		; preds = %unwind444.i
	call void @_ZSt9terminatev( )

It seems like I should be safe to merge these, but I can't find a pass  
to do so.  Going over the open projects page it looks like code  
compaction is still an open project. Is it?

I've read "Compiler Techniques for Code Compaction" and I was  
wondering if there would be any interest in a compaction pass that was  
a bit simpler then some of what's described in the paper.


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