[LLVMdev] Adding ClamAV to the llvm testsuite (long)

Török Edwin edwintorok at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 02:41:53 PST 2008

Török Edwin wrote:
> Yes, I have uploaded the .tar.gz here:
> http://edwintorok.googlepages.com/ClamAV-srcflat.tar.gz
> [inputs dir contains some symlink, place ClamAV dir in
> llvm/projects/llvm-test/MultiSource/Applications to make
> links point to right place]


Because llvm bug #1730 got fixed, this testcase can run under with the
JIT on x86-64 :).
I have attached the updated filterdiff.sh script (JIT has extra file
descriptor open), and now all tests pass.

I've also uploaded the new tarball here:

TEST-PASS: compile /MultiSource/Applications/ClamAV/clamscan
TEST-RESULT-compile:   Total Execution Time: 6.0010 seconds (6.7158 wall

TEST-RESULT-compile: 1728712 Output/clamscan.llvm.bc

TEST-RESULT-nat-time: program 12.880000

TEST-PASS: llc /MultiSource/Applications/ClamAV/clamscan
TEST-RESULT-llc:   Total Execution Time: 7.3758 seconds (7.7852 wall
TEST-RESULT-llc-time: program 13.940000

TEST-PASS: jit /MultiSource/Applications/ClamAV/clamscan
TEST-RESULT-jit-time: program 18.320000


TEST-PASS: cbe /MultiSource/Applications/ClamAV/clamscan
TEST-RESULT-cbe-time: program 12.750000

Best regards,
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