[LLVMdev] Adding ClamAV to the llvm testsuite (long)

Török Edwin edwintorok at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 05:58:27 PST 2008

Evan Cheng wrote:
> Hi Edwin,
> I ran into two problems.
> 1. Using your config file and Makefile, I ran into issue compiling  
> with gcc:
> Looks like it's a makefile issue?

Should be solved with the new flattened source layout and Makefile (-I.
was missing)

> 2. prepare.sh getdb doesn't work for me because I don't have wget.
> Is it possible for you to get the complete source in a compilable  
> state and send me a tar file instead?

Yes, I have uploaded the .tar.gz here:
[inputs dir contains some symlink, place ClamAV dir in
llvm/projects/llvm-test/MultiSource/Applications to make
links point to right place]

You also need to download main.cvd and place it in the dbdir folder:

Let me know if you encounter any problems.
> A request: If it's possible, can you flatten the entire tree? That  
> is, everything in the top level directory?
I have flattened the tree for the sources, but left the data in a
different dir (dbdir, and inputs).
Is this ok?


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