[LLVMdev] Contributing to LLVM

Shrutarshi Basu technorapture at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 01:52:04 PDT 2008

Hello again,
Firstly thank you all for your recommendations and advice. I'll
certainly be reading more of the Dragon Book. One of my professors who
I've told about my interest has also lent me the Patterson & Hennessy
book and I've read the first chapter. I'll also read into that as time
progresses. So I think I'm on the right track.
That being said, the bad news is that my school shelved its compilers
course a few years ago and we have a more theoretical programming
languages course. Also since I go to an undergrad college, there
aren't any grad level courses in reach. However I think I can dig up
some material on what was taught in the compilers course and make an
indenpendent study out of it in the spring or next fall, depending on
when I have time.
I think I'll start by compiling the code and getting to use it and
reading some of the docs. Then I could start out with the
'code-cleanup' bug-reports.
Thanks again everyone,

@Dave: I'll be sure to look out for the PUNPCKHQDQs.

The ByteBaker :

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