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On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 10:59 AM, Shrutarshi Basu <technorapture at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello all,

Hi Shrutarshi,

> I'm a rising sophomore CS/Engineering student in the US and I'm
> interested in programming languages/ compilers.I think the LLVM would
> be a great project for me to contribute to, both to learn something
> and help the project. Unfortunately, I don't know much about
> compilers, much less anything which would allow me to make a
> significant contribution. I've started reading the Dragon book and

While I was taking the compiler class at the university, I started with the
Dragon book and it works fine for me. While you are learning the concepts
try to implement a small scale compiler. I can remember we were assigned to
write a lexical analyser + parser + code generator for a part of Javascript
language(for a subset of it, Javascript  is huge) as part of the subject
which helps a lot to understand the concepts. AFAIR there is a small project
which suits for a one semseter course at the end of the book.
Then you can start from here.
Next you can go here.

Yes, good luck!


> over the summer I wrote a recursive descent parser for a project's
> config files. I would appreciate it if some of you could give me
> guidelines for what I should learn/do both in terms of theory and in
> using practical tools. In particular I'm looking to become familiar
> with both general compilers and the LLVM to be able to do a project
> for next year's GSoC. I'll start by compiling the code and haunting
> this list.
> Thanks everyone,
> Basu
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