[LLVMdev] Is there room for another build system?

Kenneth Boyd zaimoni at zaimoni.com
Fri Aug 1 09:56:04 PDT 2008

Albert Graef wrote:
> Óscar Fuentes wrote:
>> As already mentioned several times, I don't pretend throwing out the
>> current build.
> No, but you offered this as an option, and Chris said that the LLVM 
> developers only want to support one build system and would be happy to 
> get rid of autoconf et al, which is perfectly understandable.

If CMake becomes a viable build system for LLVM, currently autoconf goes 
because the main development team has already decided it goes.  If that 
isn't what's intended after bringing up the CMake build process, the 
main development team has to be persuaded *before* bringing up the CMake 
build process.


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