[LLVMdev] Cell SPU backend status

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Mon Nov 26 15:49:33 PST 2007

On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Scott Michel wrote:
> It's official: Aerospace has given me permission to release the code,
> such as it is. I will be checking in pieces as I fix 80-col
> violations and performing general cleanups.

Yay!  Excellent Scott!


> PLEASE NOTE: I intended to check the code into the LLVM SVN
> repository when the backend could generate a clean compile of llvm-
> gcc-4.2, but due to a bug, I'm going to have to check in __broken__
> code.
> That said,  some caveats:
> - I know the code can be cleaned up.
> - I know the code isn't complete. Things that need work:
>   - Branches, branch prediction instructions
>   - Double FP
>   - Intrinsics
> - Test cases need fixing (will be checking those in incrementally)
> OTOH, it's a start of something that will be a benefit to the LLVM
> community-at-large.
> -scooter
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