[LLVMdev] MSVC 8 Build

Hartmut Kaiser hartmut.kaiser at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 17:25:08 PST 2007


> I have been experimenting with getting LLVM to build with 
> MSVC8 express.
> I have succeeded in getting trunk to build and run the 
> Fibonacci example in release mode. I have found various minor 
> problems with the build system. First, it appears not to be 
> able to run the configure subproject commands if  there is a 
> space in the directory path. 

Should be ok now. Thanks for the heads up.

> Secondly, it fails to build different subprojects with 
> release and debug builds. In debug mode, it does not create 
> the Analysis.lib, but this does not fail in release. This in 
> turn precludes a successful general build in the debug mode. 

Strange, this works for me (tm).
What doesn't build there? A single file? The whole module?

> Thirdly, in release mode, MSVC complains about the use of 
> Debug in llvmAsmParser.y 
> 1>c:\llvm\lib\AsmParser\llvmAsmParser.y(3124) : error C2065: 
> 'Debug' : 
> 1>undeclared identifier
> e.g. below.
> // common code from the two 'RunVMAsmParser' functions static 
> Module* RunParser(Module * M) {
>   llvmAsmlineno = 1;      // Reset the current line number...
>   CurModule.CurrentModule = M;
>   yydebug = Debug;
> #endif
>   // Check to make sure the parser succeeded
>   if (yyparse()) {
>     if (ParserResult)
>       delete ParserResult;
>     return 0;
>   }

Please try to fully rebuild the AsmParser project. This will regenerate the
llvmAsmParser.cpp from llvmAsmParser.y, which should resolve this issue.

Regards Hartmut

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