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Seung Jae Lee lee225 at uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 20 23:22:28 PST 2007

Thank you for this information.
If so, is there any way to grasp which kinda data throw in and out in LLVM as shown in such a way in gdb?

Seung Jae Lee

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>Seung Jae Lee wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Can I use debugging options such as 'step', 'next'(in gdb) also in LLVM bugpoint?
>I assume you're asking if you can use commands like "step" or "next" 
>when using bugpoint.  The answer is no, but this is because bugpoint is 
>not a debugger like gdb.  Bugpoint is a program that reduces testcases 
>that trigger bugs in LLVM passes.
>Often times in LLVM development, some large LLVM bytecode file triggers 
>a bug in a set of LLVM passes.  It is difficult to know what LLVM passes 
>are responsible for the failure or what part of the input is triggering 
>the problem.  Bugpoint automates the process of narrowing down where a 
>bug is and what input is triggering it.
>For more information, you can read about bugpoint at:
>-- John T.
>> Thank you.
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