[LLVMdev] variant generation question

Scott Michel scottm at aero.org
Fri Feb 9 17:29:00 PST 2007

I've got an instruction that has the following pattern (R32C is the  
32-bit register class):

(set R32C:$rT, (or (and R32C:$rA, R32C:$rC),
                    (and R32C:$rB, (not R32C:$rC))))

tblgen generates the following variants (I've dropped the R32C for  

(or (and $rA, $rC), (and $rB, (not $rC)))  # original
(or (and $rA, $rC), (and (not $rC), $rB))
(or (and $rB, (not $rC)), (and $rA, $rC))
(or (and (not $rC), $rB), (and $rA, $rC))

I would have expected four additional patterns, each with the (and  
$rC, $rA) variant in it. But I only get the above four.

Is this a bug or a feature? :-)

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