[LLVMdev] LLVM Roadmap 2007-2008, PowerPC, multithreading, LLVM 2.0, etc ?

Valery khamenya at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 01:48:20 PDT 2007

Hi Chris,

Chris Lattner <sabre <at> nondot.org> writes: 
> We generally have not published a road map like this because it is very 
> difficult to do it in a meaningful way.  Because LLVM is largely driven by 
> volenteers and because noone working on it guarantees that they will 
> finish a project that they start, we can't make 'promises' about new 
> features.

well, even LLVM 1.2 was too serious to skip some 
roadmap, at least as for new comers like me. 
The LLVM 1.9 is much too much serious to skip roadmap :)

> However, any specific person, at any specific time, should be able to tell 
> you what they are working on.  Personally, I'm working on building large 
> amounts of code with LLVM, fixing bugs and adding features as they are 
> needed.  Lately it seems that this means lots of inline asm bug fixes. :)
> In the next month or two, I'd like to finish up our C++ EH implementation, 
> ideally for 2.0, but (again) no promises :).

well, it should be definitely not about promises at all,
but about getting _idea_ where LLVM currently is and where 
it is going to. Many ppl outside of LLVM development process
will not bother big LLVM guys-n-girls via chat. And 
they likely to go on with their business further without 
getting a right point about how cool LLVM is, and how cool
LLVMdevers going to make LLVM in near feature (once again
it is not about promises).

Finally, Chris, some of key LLVMdevers could sum up 
and declare some directions with priorities, which 
ppl have requested. Kind of "wishlist with comments".

(shame on me, but I even don't know if LLVM got wiki, 
maybe i could have gone and done the first version of 
this wish list on my own...)

P.S. my thanks to Tanya for the link.


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