[LLVMdev] Name of Function's original module during link-time optimization

Bram Adams bram.adams at ugent.be
Tue Sep 26 08:36:44 PDT 2006


Chris Lattner wrote:
> I'd suggest writing a little pass that strips out debug intrinsics.
OK, I did this and it works (the strange seg fault also disappears after 
all declared debug variables are gone)! In a first phase, all intrinsic 
instructions are discarded after extracting their data into annotations 
attached to the relevant Function. Then, a second phase wipes out the 
intrinsic instruction Functions themselves as well as all debug 
variables in the declaration section. This 2-phase approach is necessary 
as I implemented the pass as an InstVisitor.

A limitation here is that only Functions' debug data can be kept, as 
other Values (i.e. Instructions) are not Annotable. Is this an explicit 
design decision?

Kind regards,

Bram Adams
GH-SEL, INTEC, Ghent University

PS: Could this pass be interesting to others? If so, I could send the 
code to the list or to Bugzilla.

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