[LLVMdev] llvmdev: Windows support

Žiga Osolin ziga.osolin at gimb.org
Tue Oct 10 11:21:05 PDT 2006

Hello, everyone!

My name is Žiga Osolin and I am one of administrators of baadengine 
project (www.baadengine.org). It is an open source, BSD-licenced, game 
engine. We are very interested in llvm to provide us runtime code 
generation (basically, wrappers to easily call scripts from C++ and 
vica-versa, via vtbl (we replace vtbl for scripted types)) and also to 
allow our VM to run on llvm. Our engine is intended to be OS neutral, so 
we also need windows version of llvm. I have checked the latest version 
of llvm and the VC7.1 projects don't seem to be up-to-date with you 
project (maybe I am mistaken). Do you have any plans for Windows version?

If you don't, perhaps I could maintain windows version of llvm. 
Otherwise, I must say your project is really great and it will suit our 
needs really well. It may even allow us to run scripted code faster then 
C++ ...


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