[LLVMdev] amd x86_64: fixunsdfti

Scott Michel scottm at rushg.aero.org
Mon Oct 9 16:20:35 PDT 2006

Evan Cheng wrote:
> This is not yet supported by the llvm x86 backend. Perhaps there is a  
> configuration option (or you may have to hack up some files in config/ 
> i386) to disable gcc long double support?

Tracked it down. More precisely, llvm doesn't support 128-bit integer
(TImode) arithmetic yet. The "128-bit integers not supported" actually
comes from llvm-types.cc.

I wonder how x86_64-darwin-* gets built, since it would seem to have the
same issue.

In any case, I think I have a minor patch that will detect llvm and work
around this problem until such time as when TImode is added to llvm.

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