[LLVMdev] nightly tester grawp

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Sat Dec 30 05:37:23 PST 2006

Jim Laskey wrote:
> llvm[4]: Compiling stacker_rt.ll to stacker_rt.bc for Release build 
> (bytecode)
> /Volumes/Muggles/LLVM/nightlytest/build/llvm/Release/bin/gccas: /
> Volumes/Muggles/LLVM/nightlytest/build/llvm/projects/Stacker/lib/
> runtime/Release/stacker_rt.ll:21,0: parse error, expecting `LOAD' or 
> /Volumes/Muggles/LLVM/nightlytest/build/llvm/projects/Stacker/lib/
> runtime/Release/stacker_rt.ll:21:  while reading token: 's'

I can confirm that I'm seeing this on Linux, every time I build. I just
ignore it. Presumably stacker needs to be run through llvm-upgrade?


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