[LLVMdev] Instructions having variable names as operands

Seung Jae Lee lee225 at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 19 22:20:37 PST 2006

Dear Mr. Lattner:

Thank you for kind information.
I am still a little confused, though.

In your example, 
   %X = add int %Y, %Z
is generated to 
   add EAX, EBX

I think EAX and EBX are the register names of X86.
But, I should emit variable names instead of register names.

For my example in the source code,
    int k;
    k = i + j;
should be emit like this: 
    reg k
    add i,j;k
(If register names are still used, this can be shown like this:
    reg EAX
    add EAX,EBX;EAX
Isn't it?
Would you mind telling me w.r.t this?
Thank you very much.

Seung Jae Lee

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