[LLVMdev] compiling the full SPEC CPU2000 suite to LLVM bytecode

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Wed Aug 30 12:05:41 PDT 2006

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
> I've been trying (on and off) to compile the _full_ SPEC CPU2000 benchmark 
> suite to LLVM bytecode. The biggest problem
> I'm facing is the Fortran benchmarks, for which some partial support is 
> already available it seems (using f2c).


> Unfortunately the f2c compiler only allows the translation of Fortran-77 
> programs to C code (which is then compiled using llvm-gcc).
> Another solution is the commercial f95 NAG Fortran compiler, for which some 
> support seems to be available in the Testsuite.
> Only, I can't get it to work, although my NAG f95 compiler is working. Is it 
> normal that this support is broken? I'm getting all kinds of errors...

I use NAG with llvm-gcc4.  What sort of errors do you get?  Did you 
configure llvm-test with the appropriate flags to find it?

> Also, with the new gcc4 frontend, it seems the Fortran issue will disappear 
> in the near future (with the use of gfortran). Is that correct? Or will there
> be other problems?

Someone needs to do the work to test gfortran and fix any problems it runs 
into.  I'm not aware of anyone doing this, though it's probably not hard.

> Is the entire benchmark suite (including Fortran 
> benchmarks) being used the nightly tests?

On some testers, yes.  This one is:

> Any pointers on getting the entire SPEC CPU2000 benchmark suite compiled to 
> LLVM bytecode will be highly appreciated.

What problems are you hitting?



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