[LLVMdev] updating the "Getting Started" page with more info about the gcc4 frontend

Erick Tryzelaar erickt at dslextreme.com
Wed Aug 23 09:56:14 PDT 2006


It looks like the "Getting Started" is missing some info about the gcc 
4.0 frontend. Since it doesn't follow the setup of the cfrontend/gcc3.4 
package, a couple sections describing the front end don't cover the gcc4 
package. Here are the couple things I'd wish could be fleshed out a bit 

Under "Getting Started Quickly (A Summary)", it'd be nice if the section 
4 could also have an example for gcc4. Since that package doesn't 
include a "fixheaders" script, it's unclear whether or not there's 
anything that I need to do after I extract the code.

Under "Getting Started With LLVM", section "Terminology and Notation", 
the description of "LLVMGCCDIR" should be extended to also say "or where 
ever the gcc4 binary package was extracted to", or something similar.

The section "Install the GCC Front End" doesn't reference the gcc4 
packages, so it'd be nice if some info was added. Also, a sentence or 
two on if it's possible to use both the gcc3.4 and the gcc4 packages at 
the same time, and how to do it if it's doable.

Hopefully, this isn't too unreasonable at this point in time. It'd 
really help out someone with little experience with llvm get started. 


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