[LLVMdev] Recalculating live intervals

Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira fernando at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Aug 21 14:25:18 PDT 2006

> I'm not sure about one thing: you assign stack slot to each new register you
> replace the spilled one with. And then you need to allocate physical
> registers to them. Is it possible to assign physical register to the virtual
> one which has a stack slot already?

Yes. The stack slot is the place where the value will be stored in memory,
but, when that value is effectively used in the code, you must load it
into a physical register. Assume that reg_v is mapped to stack slot x, and
there is an instruction such as add reg_1 := reg_v reg_2, where reg_1 is
mapped to phys_1, reg_v is mapped to phys_v, and reg_2 is mapped to
phys_2. Your final code will be like:

load phys_v, x
add phys_1 := phys_v, phys_2

In order to insert load/store instructions, you can use the VirtRegMap
class. The spiller, that is implemented in VirtRegMap.cpp will do that.
For an example, see RegAllocLinearscan.cpp. Another way is to insert
the load/store instructions yourself. This is done in RegAllocLocal.cpp,
for example.



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