[LLVMdev] Python bindings

Pertti Kellomäki pk at cs.tut.fi
Thu Apr 20 09:23:42 PDT 2006

Eric van Riet Paap wrote:
> The boost Python are not (yet) part of LLVM so I suppose it would  make 
> most sense to try to makes fixes/changes so they would work for  1.7 and 
> then try to get them into LLVM CVS. 

I tried compiling the bindings, and it seems that it
would not be too much work to compile them for 1.7.
I'm not familiar enough with LLVM to assess how complete
the bindings are.

Boost.Python does not handle void* directly, so any methods with
void* arguments or return values need a little bit of extra
attention. Otherwise I don't foresee any great difficulties.

> It would be good in such  a case to 
> ask the author of the bindings again if he would allow  this, because 
> basicaly I think he has to agree to the LLVM lincense.

I don't think this will be a problem, since README.txt
already mentions the LLVM license...

In my opinion, the most sensible thing to do with the bindings
right now would be to put them up on a CVS server somewhere.
Is there a chance of getting them at uiuc as a separate tree?
Another alternative would be to use SourceForge or something

If our group decides to go with LLVM, then I'd be happy to work on
the bindings, but that choice is not entirely up to me.

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