[LLVMdev] How to compile llvm with mingw on Windows ?

Baptiste Lepilleur gaiacrtn at free.fr
Tue Sep 20 23:52:25 PDT 2005

Henrik Bach wrote:
>> From: "Baptiste Lepilleur"
>> Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 09:29:07 +0200
>> Henrik Bach wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Please have a look on my private Getting started with MinGW:
>>> http://www.geocities.com/henrik_bach_llvm/
>> Thanks Henrik.The make line was most useful. Though, in my case I
>> also needed to add a -L so libimagehlp.a would be found. Here is my
>> make line: $ make tools-only TOOLLINKOPTSB+=-limagehlp 
>> d/wut/prg/mingw/lib/ LDFLAGS+=-Wl,--no-keep-memory -r
>> I've attempted to do this using the 'current' mingw tools.
>> Unfortunately this lead to an internal compiler error.
> Which version of gcc are you using? I use 3.4.2..

So do I. Thinking about it, I've set up my configure for an optimized build, 
which has already been reported to cause internal error when compiling with 

>> Given that my primary interest in building with mingw was to be able
>> to run the test and you state that it is not posible, I think I'll
>> just give up on that one (I managed to build it with vc++ with much
>> less trouble). Could you indicates why we can not run the test on Windows 
>> since you
>> already looked into this ?
> I tried to use the open source version of expect for NT (ExpectNT or
> something like that) which is rather outdated compared to the main
> trunk of the unix version. The problem is that dejagny uses some
> functionality not present in the outdated ExpectNT. If you can spare
> some bucks try an updated Expect for Windows with dejagnu. I haven't
> tried this option yet.

ActiveState now provides a free version of expect with ActiveTcl. It seems 
to be fairly close to the last unix version.


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