[LLVMdev] dependence analyzer for machine code?

Tanya Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Mon Sep 5 12:48:53 PDT 2005

> I believe Tzu-Chien is referring to array (and pointer) dependence analysis. 
> There is a simple dependence analyzer written by Tanya Lattner in the SparcV9 
> back-end , which (I believe) is actually Sparc-independent and perhaps could 
> be factored out.

It is sparc independent and could be factored out. However, it operates on 
LLVM instructions (not machine instructions). There is no alias analysis 
or scalar evolution on machine instructions available (which is what my 
dependent analysis uses).

However, given a mapping of LLVM to machine instructions.. you can do it 
(as gross as that is). The stuff Chris is working on now is the better way 
of doing this.


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