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Tanu Sharma tanusharma_04 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 5 02:49:35 PDT 2005

Thanks a lot for reply,
I am sorry but I am highly confused here.

In the Makefile, we have separate section for lli and jit ( lli pasted below).
Also, which value I am supposed to take if I am simple wanting to run my pass over the benckmark( as you can see in the test pasted below) and then simply get execution time of its bytecode and native code.
The report which we get has :
Total Execution Time in beginning, then JIT, CBE and LLC times.
This excerpt shows lli section and my changes.In this makefile I am trying to run my pass over the bytecode, convert the bytcode into native code such that I get the execution times for the native code.
$(PROGRAMS_TO_TEST:%=Output/%.out-lli): \
Output/%.out-lli: Output/%.llvm.bc $(LLI) 
 @echo "\nTanu Tanu Tanu\n"
 mv Output/$*.llvm.bc Output/$*.temp.llvm.bc
 -opt -load /home/tsharma/llvm-cvs/llvm/Debug/lib/LLVMHello.so -hello <Output/$*.temp.llvm.bc> Output/$*.llvm.tanu.bc
 llc -f Output/$*.llvm.tanu.bc -o Output/$*.llvm.tanu.s
 gcc -lm Output/$*.llvm.tanu.s -o Output/$*.llvm.tanu.native
 chmod a+x Output/$*.llvm.tanu.native
 @echo "\nJay Jay Jay\n"
                  ../$*.llvm.tanu.native $(RUN_OPTIONS)
 -(cd Output/lli-$(RUN_TYPE); cat $(LOCAL_OUTPUTS)) > $@
 -cp Output/lli-$(RUN_TYPE)/$(STDOUT_FILENAME).time $@.time
JIT SECTION: WE have similar one for jit as:
$(PROGRAMS_TO_TEST:%=Output/%.out-jit): \
Output/%.out-jit: Output/%.llvm.bc $(LLI)
 -cp Output/jit-$(RUN_TYPE)/$(STDOUT_FILENAME).time $@.time
I have been trying a lot of times and completely confused about which value i should consider.Please help here.

On Sun, 4 Sep 2005, Tanu Sharma wrote:
> I have a doubt.
> This is an excerpt of the raw report I get after running Spec 
> through llvm-test.I am trying to calculate the program execution 
> time.Does the output result in bold corresponds to "lli time" in 
> Makefile.spec ? I am not interested in llc, jit or cbe.I simply need 
> normal bytecode and native code execution times after running my pass 
> over them.I have modified the Makefile for the same.
Which test are you using?  I can't see bold (text only mailer), but the 
JIT time is the 'lli time'.  If you don't care about LLC or CBE, you 
pass "DISABLE_LLC=1 DISABLE_CBE=1" on the command line to disable them.
You should also be able to use reports to pull these raw files together 
into a table, as such, something like this might work for you:
  make TEST=nightly report DISABLE_LLC=1 DISABLE_CBE=1
You can also use the 'report.csv', 'report.html', or 'report.tex' 
if you're interested in importing the table into other tools.

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