[LLVMdev] doxygen docs

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Tue Nov 15 09:04:24 PST 2005

illuvium uses Doxygen 1.3.6. Not sure if an older version would create the 
additional anonymous classes. Its possible that the newer version added a 
configuration feature that defaults to "off" to produce anonymous classes. 
You'll have to read the documentation to discover the differences between the 


Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe wrote:

> Chris Lattner wrote:
>>> I tried generating the docs myself ... doxygen simply refuses to 
>>> create pages for classes defined in anonymous namespaces in cpp 
>>> files. I enabled options such as EXTRACT_ALL, EXTRACT_PRIVATE and 
>>> EXTRACT_LOCAL, but no luck. How is the publicly available 
>>> documentation generated?
>> They are generated from the Makefile in the llvm/docs directory, which 
>> has a doxygen.cfg in it.
> I used the same file ... the problem is that doxygen is not producing 
> documentation for classes inside anonymous namespaces ... I tried the 
> options mentioned above, but didn't work. For example, consider this:
> http://illuvium.com/docs/doxygen/classSteens.html
> This was generated from lib/Analysis/DataStructure/Steensgaard.cpp, but 
> when I tried that on my setup, no such file is created:
> sameerds at trantor5:~/data/llvm-1.6$ find docs/doxygen -name "*Steen*"
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8cpp-source.html
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8d-source.html
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8cpp.html
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8cpp__incl.md5
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8d.html
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8cpp__incl.png
> docs/doxygen/html/Steensgaard_8cpp__incl.map
> The problem might not be anonymous namespaces, but that's my first 
> guess. I need to know what is done differently on illuvium.com to 
> produce the missing documentation. I am using doxygen version 1.4.5
> Sameer.

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