[LLVMdev] LLVM 1.4 uploaded to Debian unstable

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Fri Mar 11 19:52:38 PST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Al Stone wrote:

> So.   I _finally_ got the building and packaging of LLVM and the
> GCC FE into a state I'm more or less happy with.  As a result, I
> uploaded x86 packages into the NEW queue just a little while ago.
> Whew.

Nice!  Thanks a lot Al!


> What this means is that in a few weeks (hard to say how long,
> really) the package will be reviewed by the Debian FTP masters.
> If they like/approve of what they see, they'll let the package
> through and LLVM will become an official part of the Debian
> archive.
> Until the packages get out of the NEW queue, for the Debian users
> out there (I _hope_ it's more than just me :), you can get updates
> by adding the following to sources.list:
>   deb http://toolchain.org/~ahs3/ /
>   deb-src http://toolchain.org/~ahs3 /
> Then, 'apt-get install llvm-cfe llvm-docs' and you'll get a copy
> of everything.
> Some notes about the packages:
>   -- You can install just the 'llvm' package and it will _not_
>      require the GCC CFE (that's why you install 'llvm-cfe' above
>      because 'llvm-cfe' depends on 'llvm', and not vice versa as
>      it was earlier).  Add other front-ends at your leisure.
>   -- I've added a short script that installs in /etc/init.d and
>      registers lli with the Linux kernel as an interpreter.  With
>      a simple '/etc/init.d/llvm start' I can now run *.bc files
>      from the command line.  Saves me having to type 'lli ' each
>      time.
>   -- Some of the binaries ended up getting wrapped by scripts so
>      that environment variables could be controlled and we could
>      point at the right binaries or configuration files.
>   -- The source package ('apt-get source llvm') is scripted to build
>      fairly easily.  It's now set up to allow building on Debian i386,
>      amd64, sparc and powerpc architectures.  I can get testing time
>      on the first two pretty easy, but not the latter two, though, so
>      now you can't say you haven't been warned :).  Note, too, that it
>      should be pretty straightforward to add new architectures, and not
>      too bad to add new front-ends.
> Now, on to 1.5 :-)....



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