[LLVMdev] LLVM 1.4 uploaded to Debian unstable

Al Stone ahs3 at fc.hp.com
Fri Mar 11 17:28:31 PST 2005

So.   I _finally_ got the building and packaging of LLVM and the
GCC FE into a state I'm more or less happy with.  As a result, I
uploaded x86 packages into the NEW queue just a little while ago.

What this means is that in a few weeks (hard to say how long,
really) the package will be reviewed by the Debian FTP masters.
If they like/approve of what they see, they'll let the package
through and LLVM will become an official part of the Debian

Until the packages get out of the NEW queue, for the Debian users
out there (I _hope_ it's more than just me :), you can get updates
by adding the following to sources.list:

   deb http://toolchain.org/~ahs3/ /
   deb-src http://toolchain.org/~ahs3 /

Then, 'apt-get install llvm-cfe llvm-docs' and you'll get a copy
of everything.

Some notes about the packages:

   -- You can install just the 'llvm' package and it will _not_
      require the GCC CFE (that's why you install 'llvm-cfe' above
      because 'llvm-cfe' depends on 'llvm', and not vice versa as
      it was earlier).  Add other front-ends at your leisure.

   -- I've added a short script that installs in /etc/init.d and
      registers lli with the Linux kernel as an interpreter.  With
      a simple '/etc/init.d/llvm start' I can now run *.bc files 
      from the command line.  Saves me having to type 'lli ' each

   -- Some of the binaries ended up getting wrapped by scripts so 
      that environment variables could be controlled and we could
      point at the right binaries or configuration files.

   -- The source package ('apt-get source llvm') is scripted to build
      fairly easily.  It's now set up to allow building on Debian i386,
      amd64, sparc and powerpc architectures.  I can get testing time
      on the first two pretty easy, but not the latter two, though, so
      now you can't say you haven't been warned :).  Note, too, that it
      should be pretty straightforward to add new architectures, and not
      too bad to add new front-ends.

Now, on to 1.5 :-)....

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