[LLVMdev] Floating point instructions patch

Morten Ofstad morten at hue.no
Thu Apr 28 07:35:08 PDT 2005


I have been gone for a while, finishing work on my Master's thesis... Now that I'm back I updated LLVM to the most 
recent version and found that my FP_ABS SelectionDAGNode type and code generation was now conflicting with the new FABS 
node type. I brought the rest of my local modifications in line with the FABS implementation, so here is my patch that 
includes sqrt, sin and cos also. The only thing missing is expansion to lib calls for these node types for targets that 
don't support them... I'm sure someone who understands the LLVM internals a bit better than me can add that in no time ;)

I also noticed that the DoesntAccessMemoryTable in BasicAliasAnalysis.cpp includes "sinh", "cosh" and friends -- as far 
as I know, these can actually set errno so they should not be in the table...

Here is the patch, hope to see it applied soon!

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