[LLVMdev] misc CVS patches

Reid Spencer reid at x10sys.com
Tue Apr 19 23:27:30 PDT 2005


You asked for my feedback on Markus' recent patches. Here it is.

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 23:01 -0500, Misha Brukman wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 07:01:40AM +0200, Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer wrote:
> > While trying to hunt down a codegen bug (not yet found) ...
> Have you considered using bugpoint for your codegen debugging needs?
> http://llvm.cs.uiuc.edu/docs/Bugpoint.html#codegendebug
> > I've collected some small patches you might find useful.
> Sweet!
> > Please review and apply as you see fit.
> I've applied your gccld patch.  

I concur.

> For the isExecutable patch, you check to see if it's a file first before
> calling access(), but that precludes that function being used on a
> directory (which is a valid sys::Path object and could be queried for
> being executable), so I think it's unnecessary.  

The *original* intent of this method was to check for executable
programs, not whether a directory is searchable. If we want that
capability we should add a method named "searchable". Some operating
systems don't have that concept and we should make the interface
functions on Path address only one concept at a time. So, given that the
"executable" method is verifying that the path points to a program that
could be executed by the calling process, Markus patch is reasonable
(needed, even).

> I also applied your
> patch to ignore dangling symlinks.

That part of the Path.h patch is similar to a previous one we committed
and I concur.

> Finally, I applied your patch to ArchiveWriter with minor modifications
> -- please see llvm-commits or the web archive.

I concur.

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