[PATCH] D31239: [WIP] Add Caching of Known Bits in InstCombine

Daniel Berlin via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Mar 22 15:13:06 PDT 2017

> If you mean it would look similar to incremental recomputation:
> it is definitely *much* easier to verify the state of the analysis is sane
> if you do incremental updating instead of caching.
> IE trivially, at pretty much any point, you can say "recompute what this
> *should* look like against the function*, and compare to what you got from
> incremental recomputation.
> Local caching like this is very hard to verify.

As a recent example of this:

Literally today, we added support for printing the LVI cache because of
bugs discovered.
We still have no good way to really verify it.

An incrementally recomputed analysis would have been verifiable from the
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