[PATCH] D22112: Disambiguate a constant with both 0B prefix and H suffix.

Yunzhong Gao via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 31 18:20:36 PDT 2016

ygao added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/MC/MCParser/AsmLexer.cpp:336
@@ -291,2 +335,2 @@
     // See if we actually have "0b" as part of something like "jmp 0b\n"
     if (!isdigit(CurPtr[0])) {
You are right.
Sigh. I was writing .asm files and testing them with the ml.exe/ml64.exe
executables which are part of Visual Studio 2013.
C:\> type test.asm
    mov ax, 0x0b00
C:\> ml64 /FoMyObj test.asm
  test.asm(2) : error A2206:missing operator in expression
Apparently, the stand-alone assembler behaves differently than the parser in cl.exe.

I tested inline assembly again with cl.exe and updated the test cases accordingly.

0xNN  => accepted
0xNN with U or L suffix => accepted
NNh   => accepted
NNh with U or L suffix => accepted
0xNNh => rejected
0bNN  => rejected
NNb   => accepted
NNb with U or L suffix => accepted


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