[PATCH] D22779: Clone block with icmp+branch if it likely results in further jump threading

Easwaran Raman via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 31 09:51:26 PDT 2016

eraman marked 2 inline comments as done.

Comment at: lib/Transforms/Scalar/JumpThreading.cpp:885
@@ -884,1 +884,3 @@
+  // If this is an otherwise-unthreadable conditional branch on a compare,
+  // duplicate this into its predecessor if that will result in the value of the
reames wrote:
> This comments needs clarified.  I was going to do a quick drive by style review, but after reading this three times, I'm not clear what you're trying to do.  That's a pretty good sign the comment needs adjusted. :)
> I think you've mainly got a grammar problem; this reads as one long run on sentence which is hard to parse.  
I've rewritten the comment. Let me know if this makes better sense.

Comment at: test/Transforms/JumpThreading/basic.ll:116
@@ -114,2 +115,3 @@
+; CHECK:   %v1 = call i32 @f1()
haicheng wrote:
> Do you need to change this test case?  It seems %v1 is still the first IR of block T1 after your patch.
It's not needed now. I've reverted the change.


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